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 Weifang Pengcheng Supermicro Pulverizing Equipment Co., Ltd is a technologically advanced R & D powder equipment company,Specialized is engaged in the ultrafine grinding mill, Ultra-Fine Classifier, air mixing machine, Powder surface coati...


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What are the advantages of ultramicro pulverizer?

Ultramicro pulverizer is also very common in our life. Because of its outstanding advantages, many people choose to use it. Today, we also take this opportuni


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Precautions for operation of ultra-fine pulverizer?

The ultramicro pulverizer is composed of three parts: the main machine, the auxiliary machine and the electric control box. In fact, this product has many perfo


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Application of Ultrafine Grinding Technology in the Field of Traditional Chinese Medicine

At present, the superfine pulverization of traditional Chinese medicine approved by most materials and enterprises refers to the cell level pulverization (i.e.


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