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 Weifang Pengcheng Supermicro Pulverizing Equipment Co., Ltd is a technologically advanced R & D powder equipment company,Specialized is engaged in the ultrafine grinding mill, Ultra-Fine Classifier, air mixing machine, Powder surface coati...


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The ultrafine crusher is used and adjusted in this way for maintenance

The ultra-fine crusher is a machine that uses the high-speed rotation of the grinding disc. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material is crushed by th


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Ultrafine crusher provides more convenience for the chemical industry

With the development of the chemical industry, the demand for raw material processing is increasing day by day. Micro destructive machines have become an import


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Chinese medicine ultrafine grinder can fully dissolve the effective ingredients of Chinese medicine

The traditional Chinese medicine ultra micro destructive machine can meet people's demand for destroying traditional Chinese medicine and has been very popular


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