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 Weifang Pengcheng Supermicro Pulverizing Equipment Co., Ltd is a technologically advanced R & D powder equipment company,Specialized is engaged in the ultrafine grinding mill, Ultra-Fine Classifier, air mixing machine, Powder surface coati...


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What are the changing characteristics of millet after crushing by ultra-fine pulverizer?

Millet is rich in nutrients, complete in nutrients and high in digestibility. It contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, high-quality proteins and minera


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Advantages of superfine pulverizer in crushing traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine, as the treasure of the Chinese nation, should be promoted and protected. However, the deterioration of the environment and the red


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Introduction to the principle of Chinese herbal medicine pulverizer

There are various kinds of Chinese herbal medicine machines. How can Chinese herbal medicine become pills in pharmacies? A series of mechanical equipment need t


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