Carbon material

Carbon is a non-metallic element with the chemical symbol C. It is widely present in the atmosphere, the earth's crust and living things in many forms. A series of carbon compounds-organic matter is the foundation of life. Carbon can chemically combine with itself to form a large number of compounds, which is an important molecule both biologically and commercially.
Elemental carbon exists in three forms of diamond, graphite or fullerene in elemental form. Each form has completely different properties. Diamond is one of the hardest materials and is as transparent as glass; while graphite is very soft and consists of matt black flake crystals.
Carbon is indispensable to all living systems. Without it, life cannot exist.
The application of carbon materials and the development of new products often require accurate particle size. Pengcheng ultrafine pulverizer and classifier are used in the preparation process of carbon materials, which can accurately achieve the required particle size:
Modern laser printers and copiers have high requirements for the quality of the toner used: they must have good printing results, bright colors, have the finest line development effect, low energy consumption and the best adhesion on all printed materials These conditions are not just related to the printing press. The toner is required to not absorb any moisture before use, and the viscosity is always uniform. In addition to a good formula, the particle size distribution of the toner must be strictly controlled to meet various requirements.
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