Laboratory experiment

Laboratory equipment
Stainless steel jaw breaking machine cp-10
Processing size: 5-0.5cm
Output: 0.5~100kg/h
Purpose: Rough machining of hard materials in flakes/blocks/strips or other shapes
Suitable for use in the pharmaceutical/food industry.


Block crusher cum-K
Processing particle size: 60cm~150 microns
Output: 0.5~50kg/h
Uses: sugar/salt/ice/crystal material
Suitable for use in pharmaceutical workshops, hospitals and laboratories.

High-speed crusher
Processing particle size: 1 cm-30 µm
Wide application range, all kinds of dry, wet and heat sensitive materials can be used
Modular design, can be used stand-alone or online
Material finish conforming to GMP standard, easy to disassemble and clean
ATEX certification guarantee for 0/20 zone


Vibration mill MZ03
-Mill barrel volume 3L
-Motor power 0.37kw
-Processing particle size 100 mesh ~ 1250 mesh
-Hourly output 50g~1000g
-Dimensions (length X width X height) 500X350X300mm
-Adapted materials: Chinese medicine, minerals, chemicals, food, health products, etc.

Multifunctional crushing classifier for research and development (for medicine)
Jet mill/mechanical mill/air stream classification/high temperature steam mill
MQW03, FW120, CSM100, S-JET100 four-in-one machine
Quick assembly structure, easy to combine
-The crushing and classification particle size can achieve D50:1~50μm
—High-efficiency air-sealed structure
—Horizontal high-efficiency extension rotor, up to 18,000 rpm
—Mobile mechanical crusher unit, easy to disassemble/clean
—Mechanical grinder can realize full ceramicization
Inert gas circulation system can be designed, suitable for crushing and grading of flammable and explosive materials
Can choose a variety of filter materials
—Particularly suitable for research and development of new products in research institutes, colleges and universities

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