Pengcheng supermicro

  Weifang Pengcheng Supermicro Pulverizing Equipment Co., Ltd is a technologically advanced R & D powder equipment company,Specialized is engaged in the ultrafine grinding mill, Ultra-Fine Classifier, air mixing machine, Powder surface coating modifier ,Powder particle Rounding, flammable and explosive and heat-sensitive materials processing, preparation of nanomaterials superheated steam crushing process design and equipment manufacturing, powder degassing, conveying and ingredients, materials with special requirements for the crushing (such as mica, wollastonite, etc.) equipment research and development and manufacturing, as well as the design of the automatic control system.

Pengcheng Supermicro is a service-oriented enterprise, located in the world famous kite city - Shandong Weifang, the company has a professional test center and testing center, we have the world's first-class ultrafine powder processing equipment. Not only can we provide sample preparation solutions for laboratory professionals, researchers and engineers around the world. Can also help grinding and grinding materials, and provide processing services. In addition to pilot-scale product development and small batch processing, our laboratory also provides world-class analytical techniques and quality assurance.

Pengcheng Supermicro products are mainly used in pharmaceutical and food, fine chemicals, Chinese herbal medicine, new materials, non-metallic minerals, lithium anode and cathode materials, solid waste recycling, Desulfurization Denitrification Ultra-clean emissions,environmental protection and other industrial fields, and provide the overall, information solutions. In addition to the production and manufacture of equipment required to meet normal production requirements, we can also provide customers with the design, manufacture and validation of non-standard equipment. We strictly follow the VIT project management mode to ensure the whole process of project execution to be carried out in a standardized and planned way, and provide customers with comprehensive traceability verification documents (including DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ and VIT&FAT&SAT and a series of test and verification documents support). People who have been successful by focusing on a particular area for a long time are born with a wide range of expertise. We apply this capability to the work of our customers and provide professional services and solutions, combined with everything related to our equipment and systems。

Pengcheng Supermicro believe:, the good faith, innovation, and abide by business ethics are the foundation of enterprise sustainable development and success, integrity, innovation and compliance has been through for a long time in inati on superfine daily business activities, through cutting-edge technology to provide clients with safe, reliable, efficient, high quality service, and innovative service concept, improve customer experience.

 Service industry; Medicine and food, fine chemicals, Chinese herbal medicine, new materials, non-metallic minerals, lithium anode and cathode materials, solid waste recycling and waste gas Desulfurization Denitrification Ultra-clean emissions,


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