"Economical" and "market-competitive" products are our core concept and purpose in the design of non-metallic mineral production lines.
Whether it is calcium carbonate, quartz, wollastonite, talc, graphite, or other basic products such as mineral products such as cement, customers can efficiently crush, classify, modify, disperse and mix every time they use Pengcheng Supermicro equipment .
We use advanced science and technology to completely change the traditional system design, adopt a new and efficient mill system, and reduce unit energy consumption. In response to customer needs, we make the particle fineness reach the sub-micron level, and have a stable and narrow particle size distribution, and the improvement of productivity becomes a reality.
Pengcheng Supermicro guarantees to adopt the world's advanced production systems and technologies, as well as excellent performance equipment, to provide customer-oriented solutions for the processing of minerals and natural raw materials.


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"Economical" and "market-competitive" products are our cor...





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