Pengcheng ultra-micro processing
Pengcheng Supermicro is a service-oriented enterprise located in Weifang, Shandong, the world-famous kite capital. The company has a professional test center and a testing center, and we have advanced ultrafine powder processing equipment. We can not only provide sample preparation solutions for laboratory professionals, researchers and engineers all over the world. It can also help to grind and smash materials, and provide processing services. In addition to the pilot test and small batch processing of product development, our laboratory also provides mature analysis techniques and quality assurance.
We guarantee high quality in every aspect.
In order to meet your needs, our services also include marked packaging, logistics and warehousing. This is a competitive, efficient and flexible service customized by our experts for your needs.
our service
Pengcheng Supermicro can provide a comprehensive application service company, from grinding and smashing to classification including dispersion can be one-stop solution. Believe that our professional technology will leave an impression when serving you.
Advantages of outsourcing to Pengcheng Supermicro:
No capital expenditure
No investment required
New product market development is more flexible and less risky
Have a definite plan when making a decision
Overcome the bottleneck of productivity
Support during product development

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