Sales service

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From evaluating the machine’s faults, or making suggestions on your machine’s condition... I believe Pengcheng Supermicro’s experience!

Field repair

If your machine needs support, we can dispatch field service personnel.

The service will include replacement or original parts, technical adjustments, re-assembly of the machine and re-commissioning as required, and training of your employees.

Repair at Pengcheng Supermicro Factory

Maybe you prefer to repair your machine outside your own factory.

If this is the case, we provide factory repair services to maintain and repair your equipment. After we return to your facility, we can reinstall and/or debug as required.

Remote support

Pengcheng Supermicro's 24-hour customer service hotline allows customers to use simple tools such as telephone, PC or programmable logic controller (PLC) for remote access anytime, anywhere, and easily contact us to provide service support. Qualified and well-trained after-sales support personnel will evaluate the best and fastest solutions.

Service Agreement

Through regular and well-prepared preventive maintenance activities, many failures or vulnerable parts can be predicted. Please contact us, we will provide you with the corresponding service agreement.

After the service agreement is signed, we will visit your factory regularly, and Pengcheng Supermicro's on-site service technicians will use systematic, detailed and fully verified checklists to check and inspect the equipment.

The service agreement includes replacement of original spare parts, technical adjustments, reassembly of the machine and re-commissioning as required. Of course, it also includes explanations, clarifications, and suggestions to your employees to ensure that we can learn from each service issue.


If you have purchased a second-hand Pengcheng Supermicro machine, or you need to reconfigure the equipment in the factory, or you have new employees who need training, Pengcheng Supermicro's experienced process engineers are always available to help.

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