Mica is a platy crystalline silicate with a hexagonal shape. The mica crystal has a layered structure inside, so it is sheet-like crystals, mainly hexagonal sheet-like crystals. The characteristics are insulation, high temperature resistance, and the most used industrially is sericite, which is widely used in coatings, paints, electrical insulation and other industries. The mica flake particles stripped by high-temperature steam mill have high flatness and low bending rate. They are used in pearlescent pigments and have better light reflection vision and are well received by the market.

Calcined kaolin is obtained by sintering kaolin in a calciner to a certain temperature and time. The main components are silica and alumina. High whiteness, soft quality, easy to disperse and suspend in water, good plasticity and high adhesion, excellent electrical insulation properties, making it into dozens of refractory materials, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, medicine and national defense, etc. Mineral raw materials necessary for the industry.