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Chinese medicine ultrafine grinder can fully dissolve the effective ingredients of Chinese medicine


The traditional Chinese medicine ultra micro destructive machine can meet people's demand for destroying traditional Chinese medicine and has been very popular in shopping malls. With the increasing demand for traditional Chinese medicine, the emergence of ultra-micro destructive machines for traditional Chinese medicine has brought important significance for improving people's living standards and ensuring their health.

The advantages of the traditional Chinese medicine ultra-micro destructive machine after destroying medicinal materials:

1. Improve the dissolution rate of active ingredients. At a certain temperature, the dissolution rate of solid drugs is directly proportional to the specific surface area of the solid. As the specific surface area increases, the dissolution rate also increases.

2. Improve the dissolution of active ingredients. Because the traditional Chinese medicine destruction unit can destroy various cells and arrangements of traditional Chinese medicine plants, the effective ingredients can be fully dissolved, and the dissolution amount is significantly increased compared to the decoction pieces and coarse particles. Therefore, the dosage of medicine can be significantly reduced compared to traditional decoction pieces.

3. Improve the uniformity of the product. After the destruction of traditional Chinese medicine through an ultra-micro destructive machine, due to the small size of the powder particles, it can be fully and evenly mixed in the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine compound formulations. Generally speaking, in traditional Chinese medicine formulas, the content of precious or toxic traditional Chinese medicine is relatively low or minimal, and it is important to thoroughly mix and evenly distribute the various drugs.

4. If traditional Chinese medicine is used directly for oral use after being damaged by the traditional Chinese medicine destruction machine, it has no sandiness and a feeling of instant melting upon importation. If used for the preparation of topical formulations, the damage is minimal and evenly distributed, which facilitates the absorption and utilization of mucous membranes or skin.

5. In traditional Chinese medicine fabrication methods, there are two methods: frost making and water flying. To achieve "mashing like mud", "grinding fine", and "grinding into a paste", traditional methods are all small manual operations. When batch processing, traditional Chinese medicine destruction units can be considered.

6. Traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine powder may be said to be a further refined powder. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine's ultrafine destructive agents are more easily understood and recognized by traditional Chinese medicine.


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