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How long does superfine grinding need maintenance?


With regard to the maintenance of superfine crushing, many people either have no time or don't care about it. In fact, as a mechanical equipment, you are wrong to do this, which will reduce the service life of the machine. Here is the maintenance method.

Although the effect of superfine grinding is relatively large when it is used. But what you must know is that you must do well in its protection work. The repair of superfine grinding is a regular operation, and the quality of the repair directly affects the energy-saving operation rate and service life. First of all, during the production process, the temperature rise of the bearing must be checked frequently. When the temperature rise exceeds 50 ℃, the machine should be stopped to check, find out the cause and remove the fault. In addition, the operators must always do a good job of smoothing each friction surface when using it to ensure its normal operation and prolong its service life. And the main smooth part of the superfine crusher is the transmission chain and the bearings of the transmission part. In addition to what we have said for us, what you should do is to check the fixation of each connecting plate, pin shaft and hopper one by one in each shift. In addition, when the new machine is operating, the transmission belt is easy to stretch, so you should pay attention to adjusting the appropriate tightness of the belt, so that you can ensure the operating life of the belt. In addition, the wearing parts of superfine crushing shall be checked frequently and replaced in time to ensure the production quality and output.

In fact, as a mechanical equipment, the maintenance of superfine grinding is very important. In addition to these words. Check the wear of its blade and lining ring frequently. If the production rate decreases and the particle size becomes coarse after wear, replace them immediately. If it is completed in the future, its main engine and graded flow bearing are all grease smooth, and No. 2 special grease with a degree of 265-295 is selected. Of course, the grease change period of the bearing of this equipment is 2000 hours, and the filling amount of smooth grease is 1/2 (upper measurement) or 3/4 (lower measurement) of the space in the bearing cavity. Do not fill too much smooth grease, or the bearing temperature will be too high. What Xiao Bian said here is also very important. It is recommended that you have a good understanding before purchasing. Of course, the grease change period of its screw feeder is 4000 hours, and ordinary calcium based smooth grease is added. After being used for a period of time, the superfine grinding will be worn to varying degrees. When the bucket chain is too loose, which causes the hopper to scrape the bottom or the distance between the two sides of the chain around the head wheel is inconsistent, we should also make irregular adjustments through the tensioning device to ensure that the equipment operates in an outstanding state. If you still don't understand, you can come here to inquire. Welcome to purchase products that are suitable for you.

By telling us the tips for ultra-fine crushing maintenance, we will know these when we use them in the future. If you don't know it yet, you should read it carefully. Well, today's knowledge points will be mentioned here. I hope it can help us.


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