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How to solve the four technical problems of traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer?


Traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer refers to the mechanical equipment used in food, medicine, chemical industry and other industries, which can be seen or used in some families.

The significant advantages of traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer are simple operation and high efficiency. It belongs to intermittent crusher, with crushing capacity of 100g-500g. The traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer is not operated on the basis of destroying the properties of traditional Chinese medicine, because it needs to crush traditional Chinese medicine. This working condition leads to the further improvement of the technology of the crusher in some aspects. At present, several common technical problems in the work include: determination of dissolution in vitro, powder aggregation, pharmacodynamic validation, and chemical extraction. Next, we will analyze these four technical problems in detail.

1. Solve the problems in the determination of in vitro dissolution

From the perspective of direct application of traditional Chinese medicine, the main problem of superfine traditional Chinese medicine powder preparation of traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer is the establishment of in vitro dissolution technology. Through research and analysis, it is necessary to study the dissolution method, the screening method of dissolution medium and the comprehensive selection of index components to solve such technical problems.

2. Solve the problem of powder aggregation

After micronization, the specific surface area of drugs increases significantly, and the surface energy is very high, so there is a strong mutual attraction and a trend to reach stability. In order to prevent powder aggregation and keep it in a monodisperse state, appropriate surface treatment and packaging techniques can be used.

3. Solve the problem of pharmacodynamic validation

Pharmacodynamic principle is a powerful means to verify whether the effective ingredients are retained and the efficacy is enhanced after the traditional Chinese medicine is crushed. As for the view that Chinese medicine pulverizer can significantly improve the pharmacodynamic activity of Chinese medicine after it is crushed, experts believe that research and verification are needed.

4. Solve the problems in the chemical extraction process

Because the application of traditional Chinese medicine is nothing more than extraction and direct medication. From the perspective of extraction, there are two problems, one is the dispersion of the powder, the other is the gelatinization in the extraction process, which needs to be solved by screening and optimizing the extraction process parameters.

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