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What are the advantages of ultramicro pulverizer?


Ultramicro pulverizer is also very common in our life. Because of its outstanding advantages, many people choose to use it. Today, we also take this opportunity to introduce the advantages of the ultramicro pulverizer? Come and have a look if you want to know.

We need to know more basic information before using the ultramicro pulverizer. After all, there are many knowledge points involved. For example, the advantage of ultramicro pulverizer is strong safety. In fact, the parts that can contact the materials are polished stainless steel, which is a common material for food machinery (or other metal materials according to user requirements), to avoid arsenic and cadmium Mercury, lead, copper and other heavy metals are mixed. It is also a clean and sanitary product. Smooth inside and outside, one machine for multiple purposes, reducing pollution and cleaning workload; The crushing process is completely closed, without dust overflow, and the working environment is fully improved, without loss of effective ingredients. The manufacturer also mainly uses the composite (transparent) sound insulation cover during production, which has the function of noise reduction. Easy to disassemble (assemble), clean and change materials. Ultrafine pulverizer can be cleaned and sterilized with water, compressed air, alcohol, steam, etc. In addition, the machine is easy to operate, the capacity is suitable, the discharge is good, and the operation and refueling are simple. In general, it is easy to maintain, compact in structure, small in floor area and convenient for maintenance. Of course, it can also improve the environment. Fully enclosed operation, no dust overflow, no loss of active ingredients, can improve the working environment.

The super micro pulverizer can also improve the efficiency and crush without residue. The two-way action of high-speed impact force and shear force greatly shortens the crushing time and improves the crushing efficiency. Ultrafine pulverizer can adapt to any fibrous, high toughness, high hardness or certain moisture content materials. For spore plants such as pollen, the rate of wall breaking is higher than 95%. Suitable for dry and wet grinding. Water, alcohol or other liquids can be added during wet grinding. The machine can also be configured for micro crushing at high temperature, normal temperature, low temperature or ultra-low temperature to maintain the original physical and chemical properties and effective ingredients of materials. Pour cold water into the jacket on the outer wall of the grinding cylinder. The crushing temperature can be controlled by adjusting the temperature and flow of cooling water. Crush at low temperature, and the low temperature of the refrigeration system can reach - 35 ℃. The advantages of the ultra-fine pulverizer are also reflected in that the whole machine is composed of the main machine, auxiliary machine and electric control box. During production and operation, the main machine will not produce temperature changes due to high-speed rotation, and can crush various heat sensitive materials.


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