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Precautions for operation of ultra-fine pulverizer?


The ultramicro pulverizer is composed of three parts: the main machine, the auxiliary machine and the electric control box. In fact, this product has many performances, such as air selection, no screen, no mesh, uniform particle size, etc., and can be continuously produced. Next, let's talk about the operation precautions of the ultramicro pulverizer? I hope it can bring you good help.

When using the ultramicro pulverizer, general medicinal materials do not need a screen, but pearl, stalactite and other materials that need to be crushed need to pass through the screen. Items that need to be torn should be kept dry, especially viscous substances. In this way, the crushing effect of the ultra-fine pulverizer will be better, and the volume of crushed materials should not be too large, which is about the size of small nails. In addition to these, care should be taken not to clean the crushing tank. Don't forget to unplug the power plug after using the ultramicro pulverizer to avoid danger by touching the switch. In case of deceleration during operation, please timely check whether the aggregate pipe of the superfine crusher is well ventilated or there is too much material in the aggregate cylinder. If there is too much powder, stop the operation and remove the powder first. Of course, check whether there is oil in the lubricating place before starting the machine. Remove metal, sand, stone and other sundries from materials to prevent damage to parts. In fact, when working, hands are not allowed to reach the feeding port, nor can they cover during operation. Do not start the load. Run the machine for one minute and then feed evenly. When beating, inject proper amount of water. Or we should be idle for 2 minutes before shutting down the ultramicro pulverizer to remove the remaining materials in the machine.

When the superfine pulverizer is running, the operator shall stand at one side of the feed inlet, and shall not stretch his hand into the feed inlet. During operation, the cover shall not be opened and the machine shall not be stopped. Of course, it is forbidden to start the load. When the feed inlet is blocked, it is strictly forbidden to use hands or sticks to force feeding, and the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection. Feed materials evenly and appropriately during operation. What you also need to do is to check the fastening of each component frequently to prevent it from loosening and falling off and damaging the machine. Each oil hole shall be filled with oil frequently, and the bearing components shall be cleaned every six months and filled with lithium based grease. Or when the superfine pulverizer is shut down, the machine should be allowed to idle for a period of time to blow off the remaining materials in the machine, and then shut down. Then, when the machine is out of service, the sundries outside the superfine pulverizer shall be removed, all rotating parts shall be filled with grease and stored in a warehouse with dry air and no corrosive gas. Here is a good manufacturer of beer on the Internet. There are various products on the company's official website. Consumers have a high opinion of it. And on the company's official website, it also contains a lot of information about the products and purchase tips.

After the introduction of the above contents, we also have a further understanding of the operation precautions of the ultramicro pulverizer. I won't feel strange when I see him again in the future, and I won't often have problems when I use him. Well, that's all for today's content. I believe it will bring more wonderful knowledge.


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