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Application of Ultrafine Grinding Technology in the Field of Traditional Chinese Medicine


At present, the superfine pulverization of traditional Chinese medicine approved by most materials and enterprises refers to the cell level pulverization (i.e. cell wall crushing) after being crushed by the superfine pulverizer. As for whether it should be subdivided into micron, submicron and nanometer levels, and whether it should adopt a more scientific and accurate meaning, experts in relevant fields need to further study and discuss.

Ultramicro pulverization of traditional Chinese medicine mainly refers to the cell level pulverization of traditional Chinese medicine, which directly destroys the cells of traditional Chinese medicine. As the medicinal ingredients of plant medicine and animal medicine are mainly distributed in cells and intercellular substance, mainly in cells, the crushing operation aimed at destroying cells of traditional Chinese medicine materials is called "cell level micro crushing". The use of traditional Chinese medicine at cell level The traditional Chinese medicine powder obtained by crushing is called "cell level traditional Chinese medicine micro powder". The traditional Chinese medicine prepared on the basis of cell level fine powder of traditional Chinese medicine is called "cell level traditional Chinese medicine", or "micro powder traditional Chinese medicine" for short.

Ultrafine pulverization of cell level Chinese medicine refers to the pulverization operation to destroy the biological cell wall. It does not aim at the fineness of crushing, but at the rate of cell wall rupture. Although the higher the rate of cell wall rupture, the thinner the drug material. However, fineness is a macro detection index and cannot express the true characteristics of drugs. The central particle size of the raw material can be increased from 150-200 meshes of the traditional process to more than 300 meshes through ultra-fine crushing. For general medical materials, the rate of cell wall rupture under this fineness condition is more than 95%. After the cell wall breaks, the remaining components in the cell are completely exposed, and the release rate and quantity of drugs will greatly increase. After the medicinal material particles were ultramicro crushed with cell level Chinese medicine, only very few intact cells could be observed under the microscope.

Ultrafine comminution technology is to crush solid materials to a diameter less than 10 μ M (i.e. 300 mesh or larger). It has the characteristics of fast speed, short time, fine particle size, uniform distribution and raw material saving.

Ultrafine pulverization technology has the following advantages when applied to the field of traditional Chinese medicine:

① Improve the dissolution of traditional Chinese medicine;

② Improve the bioavailability of drugs;

③ Enhance the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine;

④ Reduce consumption, save raw materials, improve efficiency and reduce costs;

⑤ "Solid emulsion" function (homogenizing the effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine);

⑥ Improve the granulation performance of traditional Chinese medicine tablets to make them taste good and easy to use;

⑦ It is beneficial to retain bioactive components;

⑧ It is conducive to the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.


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