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Brief introduction of components and characteristics of ultra-fine pulverizer


Superfine pulverizer is composed of feeding, crushing, slag wandering, support, transmission and other parts. Next, let's take a look at its characteristics.

1. The machine has two parallel crushing chambers, that is, to achieve the effect of two-stage crushing operation of one machine, in which the rotor diameter in the first crushing chamber is smaller than that of the second crushing chamber and is radial blade. The longitudinal included angle between the No. 1 rotor blade and the main shaft in each crushing chamber is about 5-15 degrees, which is rotated and installed in the discharge direction, and the No. 2 rotor blade is perpendicular to the main shaft. Replaceable blades made of high hardness alloy are fixed on the blades, the crushing chamber cylinders are parallel and opposite, and a small gap is left between them. Between the first crushing chamber and the second crushing chamber, and between the second crushing chamber and the fan chamber are separated by an adjusting ring. The two sets of blades have the functions of impact, grinding, shearing and counterattack of collision bolt to crush the material;

2. Forced ventilation inside the machine can not only play the role of classification, but also diffuse heat;

3. The machine is equipped with a slag removal system, which can remove sundries and residual refractory stones in the machine during operation, which is conducive to improving product quality, ensuring normal production capacity and reducing wear;

4. The particle size of the product can be adjusted by the air volume in the machine and the glare between the conical part and the blade;

5. It can form a variety of systems with micro powder classifier for different crushing requirements of various minerals.

The above is about the characteristics of the ultra-fine pulverizer. Friends who don't understand it hope that through this article, we can master some knowledge. Many people use the ultra-fine pulverizer. No matter what kind of machine, some faults are inevitable. The important thing is to be able to deal with the faults in the correct way. Before using, we should first master the characteristics of the machine.


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