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Why does traditional Chinese medicine smash the cell wall of traditional Chinese medicine?


Cell wall breaking technology is a high-tech means, which is widely used. Except viruses, all organisms are composed of cells. According to the degree of differentiation of cell core structure, cells can be divided into prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells.

Cell wall is the outer layer of a cell. Outside the cell membrane, the thickness of the cell wall often varies with different tissues and functions. Plants, fungi, algae and prokaryotes all have cell walls, while animal cells do not. The structure of the cell wall itself is loose, and the outside world can enter the cell through the cell wall.

Why does traditional Chinese medicine smash the cell wall of traditional Chinese medicine?

Ultrafine powder is the basis for improving the efficacy of drugs. Micronization can improve the bioavailability of drugs and reduce the dosage. At present, the ultra-fine comminution of traditional Chinese medicine mainly refers to the ultra-fine comminution of cells. The main pharmacodynamic components of medicinal materials such as animals and plants are usually distributed within and between cells. When the cell wall is broken, the effective components in the cell are exposed, so the pharmacodynamic effect is greatly improved and the onset speed is fast.

Cell wall breaking machine is realized by using the principle of high-frequency vibration and impact grinding of working elements. In the process of processing, medicinal materials collide and rub with each other, and break instantly to realize ultra-fine comminution. Therefore, it is very suitable for ultra-fine comminution of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, health products and other materials. It is relatively simple for the effective components of medicinal materials to be absorbed by the human body after cell level micro crushing with a traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer. When the drug enters the stomach, the soluble components dissolve under the action of gastric juice. After entering the small intestine, the dissolved components begin to be absorbed. Because the drug is ultrafine particles, its insoluble components are also easy to adhere to the intestinal wall. The drug components will be quickly absorbed through the intestinal wall and enter the blood. Moreover, these ultrafine particles take a long time to be discharged from the body due to their strong adhesion, which improves the absorption rate of the drug. In addition, the time required for the migration of drug components from cell to extracellular will be shortened, which will not only significantly accelerate the absorption rate, but also greatly increase the absorption amount. A considerable part of mineral medicinal materials are water-soluble substances. The higher their fineness, the higher their utilization. This is the same as the treatment of some insoluble chemicals. By increasing the drug fineness and increasing its specific surface area, the amount and speed of absorption in vivo can be improved. The cell level micro pulverization of traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer will also improve its mixing uniformity. The uniformity of medicinal materials crushing and mixing (also known as homogenization) should be based on fineness. The finer the particle size, the higher the uniformity. However, due to electrostatic and adsorption, the finer the material, the more difficult it is to homogenize. This is because the content of traditional Chinese medicine is generally more than 6%, and some contain certain oily and volatile components, which is a mixture of two polar substances. In the process of cell wall breaking and crushing of traditional Chinese medicine crusher, it can be mixed evenly through high-strength shear force, which can achieve the effect of liquid phase mixing and emulsification. In fact, in the process of mixing and crushing, due to the influence of water in the cell, the surface of the material will be in a semi humid state, and the combination between particles is relatively firm and has considerable stability. Its oily and volatile components are adsorbed on the surface of some solid and semi-liquid components while being mixed and crushed. Through some surface active substances in medicinal materials, it is easy to be related to hydrophilic components and achieve the purpose of homogenization. If it is put into water and stirred, there will be no segregation between oily and aqueous components.

Because the cell level micro pulverization of traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer will break the oil cells in traditional Chinese medicine and homogenize them at the same time, the volatility of compound traditional Chinese medicine containing volatile components will be reduced or increased due to different conditions. After homogenizing the compound traditional Chinese medicine, its oily and volatile components can be quickly dispersed evenly in the stomach. Due to the homogenization of the drug, it will be evenly absorbed synchronously with other water-soluble components in the small intestine. This is quite different from the absorption rate of non broken wall medicinal materials crushed by conventional crushing methods.


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